How can I use the service normally when I come from non Chinese Mainland?

If you come from a region other than Chinese Mainland and want to use the services of Yuedong Technology normally, you can refer to the help.

Using a legitimate VPN

Use a legal VPN to access nodes in the Chinese Mainland region cross-border. Note that you need to have a mobile phone number in the Chinese Mainland region and any email account before you can normally register as a Yuedong user on the cloud.


It is worth mentioning that although you are a non Chinese Mainland user, you normally register as an on cloud Yuedong user, which means that you agree to the user agreement and other relevant mandatory agreements. You have the same legal rights and interests of users in Chinese Mainland, including punishment regulations. You need to follow the same rules as users in Chinese Mainland.

Account blocked

If the account is blocked for some reason or you violate a certain regulation, you still have the same appeal rights as users in Chinese Mainland under the premise of the regulation.

How to make normal payments?

Now, AliCloud does not support PayPal and other online payment systems. You can register Alipay overseas or WeChat overseas and complete transactions through Alipay or WeChat. You still have the same rights as users in Chinese Mainland in terms of after-sales and payment guarantee.